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Bee Active 240™ / Cinnamon and Apple

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Bee Bread is a biologically active natural food that includes around 240 biologically active components that are required for regular human body functioning. Bee Bread offers all 20 amino acids, including eight core amino acids that human bodies cannot produce. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, D, K, PP, H, and other vitamins are found in it. Because these vitamins were obtained organically rather than synthetically, the body is able to fully use them. Iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and a variety of other minerals, including P, S, CI, Na, Cu, Zn, Co, Mo, Se, Cr, Ni, Si, are all found in Bee Bread. Bee bread has far more protein than meat, fish, or milk, yet unlike meat, it does not damage the body with waste products, poisons, or toxins. Bee bread is rich in unsaturated fatty acids omega- 3 and omega -6, which are essential for the regular operation of human nerve cells. It is suggested for strengthening the immune system, eyesight, and memory, as well as improving digestive system function. It also aids in the improvement of blood composition. Bee bread has been shown to be an excellent tool for rehabilitating the gastrointestinal microflora following antibiotic treatment. Because it contains cholesterol-binding properties, it can be used to lower blood cholesterol levels. After mental and physical tiredness, it immediately recovers bodily strength. The product is simple to use and has a considerably milder flavor than raw bee bread.

Ingredients: 96% bee bread, 3% natural apple powder, 1% cinnamon

Ingredeints country of origin: Latvia

Manufacturer country: Latvia

Amount: 30 tabs

Bruto weight: 150g (0.33lb)

Usage: Bee bread have to be consumed separately from meals, at the first half of the day, without water. 1-2 pastilles a day are recommended for adults. Children ( 1 - 3 years ) 1 - 1/2 pastilles a day. Store in a dark, cool, dry place ( constant temperature of 0 ° C to + 20 ° C). Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Not to be used as a complete and balanced diet replacement.